The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
by Kristen Powell
There's an expectation of what meditation looks like - sitting cross-legged and in silence for extended periods of time. In fact, there are man...

May 2017

Embrace the Unknown

Location: Palmar Tent Lodge, Isla Bastimentos, Bocos Del Toro, Panama
Living on a beach in the jungle for over a month in a rural, environmentally conscious setting proved to have its challenges. S...

Sep 2016

Heal Your Body With Acupuncture

How Koji Learned to Heal Your Body With Acupuncture
At age seventeen, Koji--a champion downhill skier--journeyed on a seven-day vision quest. On his return to Colorado, he purchased a one-way ticke...

Aug 2013

Ayurveda and Cancer

During this two-day program, you will learn about Cancer from a Western and Ayurvedic perspective and explore how to support the healing process in patients who are confronting these conditions. You w...

Oct 2010